Business Information Technology 2


Project management: human and technical factors

Introduction, the project manager
-  Project activities, milestones
-  Planning and scheduling, milestones
-  Leadership and groups
-  Group membership exercise
Nature of groups
-  Group processes and behaviour
-  Group monitoring exercise
Meetings, documentation, negotiation
-  Costing and estimating, tools and techniques
Gantt charts
Benchmarking, evaluation
-  VIDEO: Have Project - Will Manage
-  Systems development methology
-  Assignment briefing: product
-  Systems project documentation

Professional Issues

Legal issues in information technology
-  The role of the professions
Health and safety
Quality management

Research methods

Preparing a research proposal
Assignment briefing:
project proposal
-  Defining objectives and deliverables
-  Research methods

Managing IT innovation and organisational change

Review of the theory of organisations and organisational change
-  Human resource issues, staff development
Managing technological change, work system design
-  Organisation and management implications
of technological change